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Take Back Your Health DC conference fun!

We had so much fun last weekend!

From our setup late Friday night after loading the car and a crazy drive in the pouring rain, to a celebratory post cleanup toast Sunday night, we loved every minute and were reminded again why it's our favorite event of the year!

As ususal, in all the excitement we forgot to take many pictures, but if you check out the Take Back Your Health website , they do a great job!

We did get pictures of my long time hero/unknowing mentor and all around outstanding human Andrea Beaman doing her thing! We got to learn from her both at the general event on Sunday morning and at this year's brand new fabulous Mastermind on Saturday night!!

Andrea Beaman talking food!

Getting our energy flowing through our meridians!

She always calls us "cuties"!

Andrea wasn't the only one we had a great time with, though! We met Dr. Awesome who does iridology and some other fun things. Check him out doing some tests with our friend from Javazen!

And we both got acupuncture from our new friend Dr. Allison Bower! We even got some beautiful new bling along specific points in our ears to give a squeeze ourselves when we need a little love.

We're really looking forward to some projects with her coming up, and getting more acupuncture!

This year we met Mike from Vital Health Research and heard his fascinating story of taking charge of his health. Subherban Roots brought the family along with some fantastic herbal tincture, salves, teas and my new favorite the culinary restorative blend "sprinkles"! There were so many other great vendors we can't seem to mention them all!

If you haven't joined us yet for Take Back Your Health in DC or checked out the conference in LA, you're missing out! It really is our favorite event of the year, bringing together an amazing group of people who are passionate about health, wellness, nutrition, reversing chronic diseases and just enjoying life! Keep an eye out here and on our social media starting probably next spring for announcements about the 2018 conferences, and don't miss out!

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