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Introduction to Sauerkraut

Maybe you've never fermented anything before, or maybe you tried and it was... let's say "less than you hoped". Even if you feel pretty confident in your skills, this is probably our favorite starter ferment.

It's been made as far back as at least the 4th century BC so it clearly doesn't require fancy equipment and its easy to make. It has been extensively studied for its properties and benefits! For the cost of a little cabbage and some good salt (see our basics here if you haven't yet) you can get arguably better probiotics than any expensive supplement can provide. Fermenting vegetables brings out nutrients and flavor you don't get with raw or cooked versions.

Our recipe is posted here . All it takes is a few minutes of work, a jar, and a little waiting to enjoy something amazing! So check it out, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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