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Kombucha Basics- Our first full length online course is here!

We finally did it! Our first Udemy course is here!


Kombucha Basics is our full-length course on how to brew your own kombucha, why you would want to and what to do with it once you start. We would love you to be the first to check it out, send us your feedback and leave it a review so more people can see how easy and fabulous it is for themselves.

So, for the first 20 people who sign up, we have created a special offer- you get the course for half price! We wanted to share this with you first because you are our people! :D So click on the picture above, or click HERE and let us know what you think! We may even have a special gift for the first person to complete it, give us their honest feedback via email or message and leave us a course review! Thank you for all your support and we look forward to bringing you more great courses and content!

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