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Bone Broth Part 1- Intro

There's been quite a buzz around "bone broth", but it's for good reason. Proper bone broth is one of the most healing foods and it is easy to make.

Broth is a great way to get all of the good stuff out of your food, using scraps and odds and ends to make something nourishing.

It is also a gut healing wonder food if made properly.

Ladle bone broth

While you can use all whole ingredients, we love using scraps. When you pull the meat off a chicken, for example, you can use the entire rest of the chicken- bones, skin, gooey bits, even the feet! The feet are actually great additions for your broth! They add a ton of amazing collagen and gelatin which is a primary goal of this process.

chicken broth ingredients

You can use whatever bones you have- chicken, pork, beef, wild game... but quality matters here. Because you wouldn't want to be eating some of the stuff that gets stored in the bones if the animal was unhealthy, make sure that you are getting bones from happy, healthy animals. If you have the choice, use a mix of long straight bones and meaty, knuckly ones. The shorter they're cut, the easier they'll be to work with and the faster you'll get the good stuff out of them.

We also save our veggie scraps! Nothing spoiled, but all the peels, skins, ends, tops, and extra parts from your onions, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, herbs, or whatever other good stuff you've been using! We do skip citrus peels because they get bitter. Otherwise, throw those good scraps in a freezer bag and keep them until you are ready to make broth! If they get ahead of you, just simmer the scraps by themselves for about 2 hours covered in water. You'll have a great veggie stock!

chicken broth soup

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