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Bone Broth Part 2- Chicken

Chicken stock is a great place to start with bone broth, as the bones are small and don't require extra steps or preparation. It also cooks down pretty quickly compared to larger bones from beef or pork. 

 Basic chicken bone broth is pretty simple.

Add all of the scraps from a chicken (or several) to your pot of choice. This can be a stockpot, multicooker pot or your favorite crockpot. 

Add your veggie scraps, as much or little as you have or choose. 

Cover with water and bring to a boil. Once it comes to a boil, then turn down to a gentle simmer. It should bubble very gently. The key to bone broth is that it takes at least 24 hours. Even with pressure cooking, it takes time to release all of the minerals and benefits you're trying to get out of the bones. 

You can also choose to add your veggie scraps for only the last few hours if you want a fresher flavor.  We don't usually season ours (salt or pepper) until we're ready to use it in a recipe because it gives us the option to season as we like when we're cooking. 

Once you have your broth well simmered and ready, strain and store! You can refrigerate it, freeze it or just get it to work. 

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