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This post has been years in the making. As in, we should have done this years ago! But alas, it is here now!

kimchi fermenting in jar

Welcome to sauerkraut's spicier, funkier cousin.

If you haven't done sauerkraut with us yet, go check out this basics video as a start!

We also have an entire Udemy course dedicated to fermenting cabbage in all kinds of tasty ways.

For that one, click on the jar of kimchi above or HERE and get yourself signed up! We love our Masontops for all our ferments, so check those guys out, too! They make all the Pickle Pipe tops and Pickle Pebble weights you'll see in our pictures and videos, Seriously, we have tried a LOT of different ways of doing these, and they're our favorite.

Now that you have the basics, and have some resources if you want more help- give it a shot!

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